Here are some testimonials we have received from our clients:

‘Kate provided staff at Melbourne Aquarium with a great understanding of theoretical and practical application to animal training.  Our seminar was both fun and very educational.  Kate presented the information in a way that was suitable for beginner as well as experienced animal trainers.  With fun activates, videos and observing in house practices, the staff enjoyed an educational seminar on animal behaviour and training.’ Sarina Walsh, Bird Manager, Melbourne Aquarium

‘Hi Kate, Great news! We had the dogs off their leads over the weekend and they were just fine. They were running around the yard for a few hours, supervised and unsupervised, and they were great! Thanks for all your help! We are super happy!!’ Rhiannon, Knoxfield VIC

‘Kate was friendly, thorough and punctual. Her tips were fantastic and even after just one week, we began seeing improvements in our dog. Thanks Kate!’ Ben, Caulfield South VIC

‘Kate was fantastic with my fear aggressive chihuahua Alfie. She was very kind, understanding, non judgmental and very knowledgeable. Kate used techniques that I found to be perfect for us, they were gentle, non complicated and easy to understand. Within one week, people could finally meet the Alfie we know and love! Thank you so much Kate, we will be forever grateful.’
Katrina, Warrandyte VIC

‘I just wanted to say thank you for setting us on the right path with our dogs. Especially for helping us with Beau, because prior to meeting you and starting his behaviour modification we were really at a loss with how best to proceed with working on his issues, or even if he could improve at all.’
Yvette and Travis, Hadfield VIC

‘My cat used to drive me nuts. She used to scratch all my furniture and urinate on my carpets. After a visit from Pets Behaving Badly, this bad behaviour improved within days and stopped completely after two weeks. I was so surprised at the difference in Molly’s behaviour.’
Sarah, Coburg VIC

‘Kate from Pet’s Behaving Badly is the only person to see if you are becoming overwhelmed by the often daunting prospect of training your pooch! We have two rescue dogs with neglectful pasts and knew we needed someone special to help us- Kate was without a doubt that person! Not only is Kate professional and highly experienced in animal behaviour but she has a way of explaining things that was both calming to us as dog owners and really excited us! She was just so lovely and patient with us and showed a genuine desire to be involved every step of the way! By following Kate’s guidance our dogs, in only two weeks, have come along in leaps and bounds! We are thrilled with the results so far and know that in following her personalised Behaviour Report on our boys that ongoing success is imminent! We simply cant thank her enough!’
Sharna, Mordialloc VIC

‘Kate listened without judgement, and her friendly relaxed manner encouraged frank open communication. She was able to hone in quickly on the important issues. We were provided with a confidence building, practical and easy to follow report. This has proved to be extremely helpful for our whole family.’
Maree, Ormond VIC

‘My hand raised Alexandrine parrot used to bite myself and the kids, scream and pluck his feathers. The vet said it was a behavioural problem as Alex was a physically healthy parrot so I called Kate from Pets Behaving Badly. She assessed his behaviour and explained to us why he was screaming, plucking and biting. We followed the behaviour modification program she gave us and now Alex no longer plucks his feathers or screams and bites. Not only did Kate change Alex’s bad behaviour, but ours too! We learnt a great deal about how to interact more effectively with Alex .’
Michael, Boronia VIC