Dr Kate is an experienced and engaging public speaker, seminar and workshop presenter with a wealth of knowledge in animal behaviour, learning, training, management and behaviour modification. Kate can develop and run seminars and workshops, tailored to your specific needs, on any subject related to animal behaviour, learning, body language, training, welfare and management.

Dr Kate has presented at numerous National and International conferences, lectured at several Victorian universities and run seminars and workshops on various topics for members of the public and those working within the animal industry.


Melbourne Aquarium staff training workshop

The Science of Animal Training and Behaviour: How animals learn and how to modify behaviour

If you work with animals and need an indepth understanding of the scientific principles underpinning animal learning, behaviour and training, then this workshop is for you! The content of this workshop can be designed to meet your needs and can include Operant and Classical conditioning; Targeting, Stationing, Capturing, Shaping, Chaining and Cues; Reinforcement, Punishment and Extinction; Applied Behaviour Analysis; Environmental Enrichment for captive animals; Animal Welfare.

”Kate provided staff at Melbourne Aquarium with a great understanding of theoretical and practical application to animal training.  Our seminar was both fun and very educational.  Kate presented the information in a way that was suitable for beginner as well as experienced animal trainers.  With fun activates, videos and observing in house practices, the staff enjoyed an educational workshop on animal behaviour and training.” Sarina Walsh, Bird Manager, Melbourne Aquarium

Shelter Dog Behaviour Assessment Workshop:

Dr Kate is an expert in the assessment of shelter dog behaviour as this was the focus of her PhD. This experience has provided her with a unique and comprehensive understanding of the latest scientific advances in the field and the difficulties associated with implementing a new assessment protocol. One of the most important lessons she has learned is that animal shelters vary dramatically in terms of their design, staff education and experience, available resources, legislative requirments etc and there is no one assessment protocol that will suit every animal shelter.

Dr Kate works with individual shelters to understand their specific needs, limitations and available resources and develops an assessment protocol to suit their requirements. If you work at a shelter and you’re interested in the Shelter Dog Behaviour Assessment Workshop, please contact Dr Kate for more information.