Meet Dr Kate Mornement

Dr Kate is a PhD qualified Applied Animal Behaviourist (a PhD is the highest level academic degree achievable). She consults to pet owners and people working professionally with animals, is a media spokesperson, educator and expert witness.

Dr Kate writes for various magazines and web-based publications and is regularly sought by media in relation to animal behaviour. See the ‘Media‘ page for more information.

With a life-long love of, and affinity with, animals, Kate is passionate about animal behaviour, welfare and the human-animal bond. Kate understands that pets are part of the family and that having a pet with a behavioural problem can be stressful and difficult. Dr Kate is here to help!


Kate’s qualifications and experience:


  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) – Canine behaviour (Monash University, Melbourne, Australia).
  • Bachelor of Science with first class Honours in Zoology – Animal Behaviour (LaTrobe University, Melbourne, Australia).
  • Certificate IV in Training & Assessment (Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia).

Professional Courses:

  • Professional Animal Training Workshop (Ken Ramirez, Shedd Aquarium, Chicago USA).
  • Contemporary Animal Training & Management (Steve Martin and Dr Susan Friedman, Natural Encounters Inc., Florida, USA).
  • Living & Learning with Animals (Dr Susan Friedman, Behavior Works, USA).
  • Poultry in Motion Chicken Camp (Terry Ryan, Legacy Canine, USA).
  • Step-Up: People and Parrots Working Together (Barbara Heidenreich, Good Bird Inc, USA).
  • Nursing and Management of Australian Wildlife (Box Hill Institute, Melbourne, Australia).

*Kate regularly attends and presents at National and International conferences, seminars and workshops on animal behaviour as part of her continued education in the field.


What is an Animal Behaviourist?

Animal behaviourists study the causes, functions, development and evolution of behaviour in wild, captive or companion animals. Companion animal behaviourists, like Dr Kate, assess and treat behaviour problems in pets including cats, dogs, parrots and small animals.

At present, anyone in Australia can refer to themselves as a “Behaviourist” or “Animal Behaviourist” with qualifications varying from none to a Certificate level qualification through to a University undergraduate degree up to a PhD. For this reason it’s extremely important to do your research to ensure that you’re getting the best help for you and your pet.


Why choose a PhD qualified Animal Behaviourist?

A PhD is the highest level university qualification available and makes Dr Kate an expert in her field. Behaviour problems in companion animals can be very complex, consisting of several interrelated factors, requiring in-depth evaluation and appropriate treatment protocols specifically tailored to the individual animal in question.

Choosing a PhD qualified animal behaviourist ensures that you and your pet receive the best help available in the field of animal behaviour. Professional and practical experience is also important, as is continued education demonstrated through regular attendance at conferences and workshops focussing on animal behaviour.

Kate is a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT) Australia, the International Association of Animal Behaviour Consultants (IAABC), the Association of Animal Behaviour Professionals (AABP) and the Parrot Society of Australia (PSOA).